Gross weight:   4500lb       2940 kg

Maximum Speed : 166 M.P.H.                144 kts

    The Yale was the forerunner  of the very successful  At-6 /Harvard series . It was less complex than the Harvard and had less power and fixed landing gear.

        Early in the war it was used as an intermediate trainer , a step between the small biplanes and the  powerful Harvard . This category of pilot training was canceled in 1943 and they  spent the rest of the war as trainers for wireless operators .  

North American  NA - 64  Yale

Wingspan:    49 ft            12.2 M 

Cruise :  146 M.P H.         127 kts

Range:  730  Miles     1175 km

Engine :  Wright  R -975        420 H.P.   310 kw

Yale specifications

Empty weight : 3320 lb       1508 kg

Specs for the Yale are below  the bottom picture

Bomber Command R.C.A.F.  F/LT  Sean Dunn