Engine :   De Havilland  Gipsy Major      4  cylinder   130 H.P.         100 KW

de Havilland DH82C

Cruise speed :  67 M.P.H      59 KTS

 This small biplane was the novice pilots introduction to flying .It was easy to fly but hard to fly well and  was the perfect airplane to let instructors sort out who should continue training as a pilot  and those who should be doing other things.

 It was the ideal trainer and was used eventually by 39 different nations .

   They served as military trainers from 1932 until 1959. Survivors are now sought after sport aircraft   and a very nice one will cost you close to 100,000 dollars.

   They were built in large numbers .Over 7000  made in Britain , 155O in Canada , over 1000 in Australia  as well as smaller numbers in New Zealand , Sweden , Portugal and Norway.

Bomber Command R.C.A.F.  F/LT  Sean Dunn


Empty Weight :      1,115 Lb            506KG          

Range :  300 Miles              490 KM

Top Speed :109 M.P.H.              97 KTS

Wingspan:    29 FT  4 IN            8.9 M         

      The Tiger Moth was a very safe machine because it would give plenty of warning before entering a stall or a spin . 

Max Weight :1825 LB                828 KG

Tiger Moth Trainer