Bomber Command R.C.A.F.  F/LT  Sean Dunn

    They would be used as bombers in other theaters for the rest of the war.

Max WT  early models  28,500 L.B.    Max WT  later models 36.000lb or 16360 Kg 

Wing span:  86 FT   26.2  M

The Wellington was built with a unique construction method called geodesic structure .

    Other duties included airborne   early warning and control, transport, training,  experimental work and even detonating naval mines with a huge ring around  the plane called a magnetic field generator.( See last picture below )

The large ring was called a magnetic field generator and was used for detonating naval mines .

     This twin engine bomber was the main aircraft of Bomber Command early in the war before being phased out in favor of larger four engine "heavies " such as the Halifax and Lancaster in Europe .


 Max speed :  235 MPH    378 kph

Vickers  Wellington

     The Wellington was also used throughout the war for anti -submarine duties.

        Total production was 11,460

Power :  Early models   1050 H.P.                         Later models   1735 H.P.