These tough planes have also been used as light fighter bombers , forward air controllers , artillery spotters and for observation in many conflicts around the world.

Take off Weight :   5,750  LB

    The Harvard was a powerful and advanced trainer . It was not easy to fly and if a student could master this plane he was ready for larger front line aircraft.

     Aviation  historians claim that this series of aircraft , Harvard and AT/6 ,have been used to train more military pilots in more countries than any other aircraft.

Top Speed :   156 KTS        172 M.P.H.            278 K/hr.

Engine :Pratt and Whitney   R-13440           600 H.P.

Range:        740 Miles

Wingspan :    42 FT.

    Total production was around 21,000  aircraft.

North American Harvard

Empty Weight: 4,000  LB              1820 KG


     This superb aircraft  was first flown in 1935 and was retired from military service , by South Africa ,  sixty years later .They have been used by over 50 countries and built under license in six countries .

      The Harvard is a license built AT/6 . Over 2600 were built in Montreal  by Noordyn  during the war.  After the war Canadian Car And Foundry built 550 MK4 , for the R.C.A.F . , U.S.A.F .and the German air force .

Bomber Command R.C.A.F.  F/LT  Sean Dunn