According to his auto-biography he did this by by letting factory owners and managers or in other words, those closest to a problem , make decisions.  He was in some respects Hitler's right hand man and probably his best friend. The following is his view of the bomber offensive . 

      Under his guidance German war production soared even as factories and infrastructure were being heavily bombed .

    "The real importance of the air war consisted in the fact that it opened a second front long before the invasion in Europe .


Albert Speer      (1959)

    No one has yet seen that this was the greatest lost battle on the German side. "

         Albert Speer started his rise to power as Hitler's favorite architect . His genius for organization would propel him into Hitler's inner circle and then to assume the all important post of Minister of Armaments .

      Defense against air attacks required the production of thousands of anti-aircraft guns, the stockpiling of tremendous quantities of ammunition all over the country , and holding in readiness hundreds of thousands of soldiers, who in addition had to stay in position by their guns , often totally inactive,for months at a time.

Bomber Command R.C.A.F.  F/LT  Sean Dunn