Back in Canada  flying  C-47 Dakotas and Lodestars.  He flew V.I.P.s around , did transport work and dropped paratroops .

Check out the mission at the top of this page , attacked by single engine fighter .They saw him above them , slid underneath and the mid upper gunner hosed him with his quadruple machine guns . The fighter peeled off one way ,and they quickly went the other way .

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D.N.C.O. means did not carry out because of mechanical problems , front turret problems  meant major hydraulic problems 

The mission from hell. Middle of this page . During a mission to Berlin they had fuel tanks punctured and ran out of fuel on the way home .Landed in the English Channel at night . All but one made it out of the plane . Spent 30 hours in a dingy in the Channel.

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LOG BOOK - Dec 1940 - Mar 1945

Bomber Command R.C.A.F.  F/LT  Sean Dunn