In 1975 I got into my car and drove out out to Vancouver British Columbia .  The cost of living there soon convinced me to drive right back to Ontario.

    When I stopped in Winnipeg I was greeted like a long lost son even though I had never seen Owen before . My supposed one night stay turned into a week stay on the way home .

Bomber Command R.C.A.F.  F/LT  Sean Dunn

   Unfortunately,   Owen's friend was out of town when I stopped there, I would have loved to have met him.

        A favorite activity of these two was consuming large amounts of alcohol and watching John Wayne war movies . They enjoyed trashing John Wayne and everything about the story line and tactics that were used in the movie . These performances were  apparently  hysterical.

       One of Owen's best friends was a former Waffen SS officer of some rank. It was rumored that the Russians would still like to talk to this man. Both men were very witty , two comedians with a warped sense of humor.

     Owen thought so much of Sean that he wanted to name his first child after him . Problems arose when his first child turned out to be a girl.  The ever resourceful Mr Harper named his first born Shana .

The RCAF  (Owen Harper )  and  the Waffen SS

          Along the way I stopped in Winnipeg Manitoba and stayed with Sean's flight engineer Owen Harper .  He was Sean's good friend  in England and the squadron's resident card shark . They toured all over central England in nice cars that Owen had picked up in card games .After the war Owen spent a great deal of time helping troubled vets through the Royal Canadian Legion.